Weight-Loss Clinic

Lose weight and obtain your ideal body

Get to know our weight-loss clinic in where we use the newest technology to lose weight, reaffirm the skin and build the famous six pack. Outpatient clinical methods that allow patients to look and feel good.


Acne Clinic

Get rid of acne in 12 hours!

12 one hour sesion treatments were we clinically treat your skin to remove an eliminate acne definitely. We diminish dark spots and scars caused pimples.


Anti-Aging Clinic

Back to the 20’s in your 40’s

A complete preventive and healing system, which, based on the study of natural aging that currently exists, eliminates possible prejudicial factors that produce premature aging.


Eliminate Acne in 12 Hours


Twelve -one hour sessions, where we can help you eliminate acne permanently*, and help you reduce blemishes and scars from previous acne problems. A painless and harmless method that assures you can live without acne for the rest of your life*.

During the first three sessions, you will notice a reduction of 70% to 95% of blackheads. The remaining 11 sessions will completely eliminate the your acne problem, making dark spots and scars disappear or dispel.*

An initiation appointment is used to have a better understanding of the specific treatment needed, information and costs. This way we can assess the required time it will take to completely eliminate the acne problem, for your specific needs.

The first appointment is $149.99 (One hundred and forty nine dlls 99/100) and it takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes, this appointment includes the following:

  1. A CONSULTATION: we analyze your skin type, type of acne and other factors that may affect the your problem directly.

  2. AN EVALUATION: exact cost of the treatment for'your specific needs, frequency of sessions, as well as the approximate time it will take us to reach your final goal.

  3. FIRST SESSION: treatment will start on your first visit, you will notice your problem will improve enormously.

If you decide to start the treatment on the day of the first consultation, we will waiver the cost of that first appointment. We also have many payment plans and facilities (credit online).

We know that appearance is very important and that acne affects our image, but remember that the most important thing is how you feel about yourself. We are more than just a beautiful face. Do not hold yourself back, from looking at the world from a different perspective. Do not miss the opportunity to visit new places, to accept new challenges and most important to meet new people that can provide you with different experiences. Do not forget that what you're physically experiencing is only temporary. WE ARE SURE WE CAN HELP YOU!

Phone: 956.627.1392 | Toll Free: 1 888 584 9990

Click here to make and online appointment or to know our adresses.

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Lo que nuestros pacientes opinan de nosotros

"Undoubtedly this hidden paradise in Monterrey where the best people serving you as a reyna is a must in all the pretty girls regal, whenever I visit the city I make a space in my schedule to visit and give me a time to relax."

Mariana González, Nuestra Belleza Nuevo León

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About us

We are the company of dermatological clinical and / or aesthetic medicine for the care and beautification of the skin and body, which competes with the quality of the clinic and hospitals in the countries first world offers, making it the largest in Mexico, presence in the United States of America, and concerned that people look good and feel better. With the most advanced treatments, newer equipment, modern facilities, with peace and harmony that every human being deserves.

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USA (Mapa)

3503 W. Alberta Rd. 78539 Edinburg, TX.
Toll Free: 1 888 584 9990

Clinic of McALLEN, TX.: 956.720.0860

SA: 210.888.0193
HOU: 281.402.6675

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Mexico (Mapa)

CHEPEVERA: Dr. Angel Martinez Villareal 503 Col. Chepevera,
Monterrey N.L. entre Simón Bolivar y Joel Rocha
T. (81)8040.8394 y 95

SUR: Ave. Eugenio Garza Sada,
3001 Col. Altavista, MOnterrey, N.L.
T. (81)1916.8468

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