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CODE 1. – The goal of aesthetic medicine in MAVYPALACIO® “Skin care Centers” is to prevent, to improve and to treat totally or partially the anti-aesthetic aspects that the patient believe they have, to improve their quality of life.

CODE 2. – We do not encourage false hopes neither false needs.

CODE 3. – In MAVYPALACIO® “Skin care Centers” we owe loyalty to the patient in first and strive to foster mutual trust.

CODE 4. – We offer detailed information on treatment options for the patient problem, with its peculiarities and risks. We offer beauty treatments essential to addressing the problem and setting fair and real budgets.

CODE 5. – In MAVYPALACIO® “Skin Care Centers” we keep the secret and confidentiality that the patient trusted to us and what we have known in the exercise of our profession. This duty extends to employees of our company.

CODE 6. – We strive to have all means to protect the health of our patients, respecting the prophylaxis and hygiene standards of the United States of America.

CODE 7. – We do not make treatments for which we are not properly prepared, nor advisable for reasons unrelated to performance criteria and indication.

CODE 8. – We submit to the instructions that guide the medical authorities of our country.

CODE 9. – We respect and encourage fellowship to other doctors and/or clinics, not interfering in others treatments. We do not criticize of any skin specialist. We respect our position in the world: dermatologist, nutritionist, internist, surgeon and all the medical specialties that exist or where there. We stop to give messages that demean the dignity have medical or selfish interests.

CODE 10. – We do not discriminate against patients on grounds of religion, ideology, race, sex, nationality or social background. We propose a government Christocentric ideology staff who do not force, only urge.