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After achieving our two primary goals of treating and preventing the disease, the evolution of medicine has given us the opportunity to face a new challenge in developed countries: PROMOTE HEALTH AS A BEAUTY FACTOR.

“We can define the Rejuvenation and Longevity Clinic in MAVYPALACIO© as a comprehensive, preventive and curative clinic which, based on recent studies of natural aging, can help eliminate potential harmful factors that promote premature aging, by proposing and promoting a healthy life style, and by applying the right techniques and organic aesthetic of body decay (aging).

We have treatments to rejuvenate facial skin and body. We offer the best non-surgical procedures to make you look and feel better, something similar to surgery, but keeping the concept of an ambulatory clinic.

Mavy Palacio, FOUNDER

The consultation has a cost of $149.99, where you will receive the following information:

  1. Prescribed method
  2. Total cost
  3. Duration
  4. Desired results

If you start treatment at that time, we will not charge you the consultation.

We are a place that seeks the improvement of every aspect of your skin´s health.

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